Automated Bookkeeping and Accounting

We understand most small business owners are not financial experts. It can be overwhelming and stressful for business owners as they divide attention between running their businesses and managing finances. Traditional accountants only look at historical numbers and often use outdated methods for bookkeeping, which can be discouraging and confusing for business owners to make critical business decisions.

We use AI (artificial intelligence)-based technologies to automate bookkeeping and accounting processes so our clients can always rely on complete and accurate data to operate and grow their businesses.

Our clients meet with us regularly so we understand their businesses, their needs, and concerns very well, which allows us to be the best advisors for them.

Proactive Tax Planning

Small business owners can be easily frustrated by the complex tax codes, from choosing the best business entity type to minimize taxes, to picking various types of double or triple tax-advantaged retirement plans. Meeting with a CPA once a year for tax filing is simple not enough to have a thorough plan for all tax-related matters.

We do not just file taxes for our clients after the year ends -we review their financial status and goals, and research and implement tax saving strategies throughout the year to ensure our clients minimize the tax liabilities and maximize the benefits of running their businesses.

Coming Full Cycle-Business Owner Personal Financial Planning

Business financial success and personal financial success are inseparable for small business owners-one cannot be achieved without the other.

Our approach flows from successful business financial management to successful personal financial planning and helps answer the questions of how to manage personal debt and budgeting, how much the owner needs to sell the business to exit, or purchase a lake house and create an ideal retirement life.

The ultimate goal is for business owners to build financial security and freedom and even leave a legacy.